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AGM: Saturday April 26th at the club grounds. Download agenda here.

23rd March Open Shoot results here.


Next Shoot Sunday May 11th 2014, open shoot: 36 targets (3D's and Paul Fearn hessians). Full catering. Book here.


The Crown Estate's Contractors will be carrying out thinning works at the woods during the week from the last half of June for approximately four weeks. Courses may be disrupted or partially or completely closed during this period - possibly with little or no advance warning.  There will be TCE and contractor personnel moving around the woods during this period. We recommend that members plan to avoid shooting during the week for this short period.

New Co60 Bookings Mobile Phone

We now have a dedicated mobile phone and number to take shoot bookings: 07432 030 880. This will allow a volunteer to take over or cover if Andrea is unable to deal with booking calls for any reason during a critical period. Thanks to JP and Andrea for the idea and the execution respectively.

Camo Net Mystery

Course layers discovered a camo net 'hide' in the woods. No notice had been given to the committee about this and it was in a potentially unsafe area  for the new course. It has been removed for now. If anyone knows the full story and the owner please contact Nick Cox.

Next Open Shoot Sunday May 13th

Please note we have a New Events Officer to receive bookings: Andrea See Contacts and Shoot Booking Form.

We have some new faces running things and it takes a bit of time to get the hang of things. Be gentle with us!

Work Parties /Marshals/Caterers

We need to field all of these forms of life before and during the May Shoot. If you can help with catering please contact Geoff or Jill Taylor who will be co-ordinating catering activities. Details here.

Marshals will henceforth be whipped into shape in advance by Ken Jones (be very afraid). Details here.

WORK PARTIES will be on Saturday 5th and 12th May - Please come and help: let Mike Hobbs know. Details here.

Lyme Disease

Lyme disease is present in our woods. Check for tick bites and don’t ignore them. Always go the GP and tell him/her that you have been active in a high risk area for Lyme disease. More info in the archive and on the NHS web site.

AGM Report

The AGM took place on Saturday 14th April. Biggest turnout in living memory. Thanks to all who attended. Special thanks to those members who volunteered to sit on the committee to run the club this year. New Officers. A jolly lunch and a shoot round the 3Ds was enjoyed by all. Full Minutes will appear in next Newsletter.

Membership Renewals now due for 2012/13. Download form here.

New Year's Day Friendly

This event is going ahead but we are able to provide basic tea and coffee and cup-a soup only.

Marshal's Pack and Etiquette Guide now on the Website

We have now posted our Marshal's Guide here and (for new archers or those new to Open Shoots) our Club Etiquette Guide for Open Shoots here. Hope you find them useful - and thanks to member Richard Stafford for the idea of posting the Marshal's Pack and to Wally Robson at Magna Carta for the inspiration for the Etiquette Guide.

Ron Pavitt Open Shoot 4th December 2011 - FULL

This shoot is now FULL. Thanks to those who have booked with us. We hope you enjoy the day.

We also have enough marshals and caterers for this event - thank you all! Any guests or helpers disappointed this time will note that we have friendlies on 18th Dec and 1st January and another Open Shoot on 22nd January!

WORK PARTY - Sat 3rd December 2011

REMINDER HELPERS NEEDED - Saturday 3rd December 2011 for laying out 3Ds, preparing catering area, tidying the site, waymarking, sign-making. - Please let Nick Cox or Mike Hobbs know if you can make it. Start 10-10:30am Bring work gloves,, knife, lump hammer/mallet (if you have one) and a friend to enjoy working with (if you have one)

MARSHALS/CATERING HELP needed for the Open shoot itself on Sunday 4th December - arrive 8:30am.

Please give Paul Chenery a call re catering help, either on the day for an hour or two (you can also shoot half a day)

If you can help with Marshalling, and/or stick around at the end to help us pack away please call Nick Cox or Dave WInter. We really do need to get the marshalling, set  up and pack away sorted out better so please chip in any way you can and let us know ahead of time if you can. Thanks - the better we can run the shoots, the more revenue we will attract to buy ourselves new targets and better facilities.

October Night Shoot - Cancellation

After discussion we have decided to cancel the planned Night Shoot (Racoon Shoot) scheduled for October. We need to refresh the targets and are thinking about a different format which should make it more fun, more nutricious and easier for us to stage. We hope to re-schedule in the New Year. If you can help with target making, want to help organise it or or have some suggestions let us know.

Upcoming events

Next work party: Saturday 10th September, start 10:00am. Thanks all who turned out on Saturday 4th to help Simon W.

September Open Shoot: Sunday 11th September

Next Club Day: Sunday 23rd September from 10.30am. Bring your own sandwiches/flask.

Laporte Archery Demo day - Sunday 19th June 2011

Report on this event is now in Summer Newsletter. Did you come? Want to do it again? Did you miss out? Want another chance? Let us know.

June 12th Open Shoot

Full report and results now out - read all about it here...

Work Work Work

Great turnout for the 4th and 11th June workparties - thank you all. More details in the next newsletter.

Lyme Disease

You really really don't want to get this. It's not common but the risk of infection from a tick is highest in late Spring/early Summer.

Make sure you cover up when you're walking through the undergrowth. Inform yourself of the signs and symptoms here. There is a tick removal tool in the club hut for you to treat yourself as soon as possible if you think you have been bitten.

Thank you Archery 'clay pigeon' event - Sunday June 19th.

You should all have received notice/invites for this event. As a thank on on behalf of us all for those who have given up their family/social time over the last couple of years to help, there is a priority period and a chance to bring family members and friends who missed out while you were on club duties for free. All members welcome though from about 2pm and we are asking you to chip in a fiver towards tea/coffee and your club's funds. Lots of interest so far, if you can come, please let us know ( or letter to Club Sec) with numbers. Enjoy!

Och Aye the News

Well done to Roger Collis, a Co60 member, who came third in the NFAS Scottish Champs this year in Gents Longbow. Say well done when you see him, and ask him whether he wears anything under his kilt that improves his aim.

Easter Monday - Shoot Report

Eventful old day. We had a good turnout of members and visitors, despite following another open shoot locally, a number of compliments, and expressions of interest from two new potential members. We made good profits for the club on the gate and on the catering. Bluebells turned out in time to make it a sight to remember.

Paul with Lorraine Thorn's help did great work with the new catering experimental arrangements in what I think we'd all agree was a much more pleasant and light catering environment. We learned some useful lessons about what went well so we can put it to good use for the next open on 12th June. The home made cakes were very popular. We would really encourage individuals to contact Paul or anyone on the committee and offer to contribute one of the their best cakes for a shoot or two as part of their contribution to the club. Higher quality sausages were a big hit, and we will be serving higher quality fare in future - there are some exciting possibilities for locally reared pork which we will be looking at over the next 12-18 months - more anon. Pre-cooking meant that we were up and running for 8.45 in time to serve breakfats for visitors as soon as they arrived. It proved perfectly feasible to help with catering and to shoot on the same day. When we have the orgainsation and menus down, we are thinking of setting up two catering 'teams' to alternate events. As we do this better and concentrate on better ingredients and faster service, we hope word will quickly get round and numbers will improve at our events.

Course was great - backstops well decked out and some nice quarter shot placements of 3Ds by Simon W & Co. Nice one gentlemen.

A number of incidents emphasised the importance of effective marshalling.
DW's safety talk specifically (and spookily) warned that a dog walker had been seen earlier over the weekend.(as well as a 'golf cart of spectators from the neighbouring farm who had crossed the bridge at the bottom end to inspect the crocodile! - honestly I dont make this stuff up).
As if it was his destiny, DW then managed to spot and capture a breathless German Shepherd (dog that is!) which had strayed from the grounds of the Woodlands Park Hotel without the owner's knowledge. The shoot was temporarily halted while that was sorted out. After lunch NC dealt with another stoppage when two more dogs were spotted moving behind the butt coming from along the track from right to left followed by their owner!
The fact that our marshalling arrangements responded to these incidents so effectively is great, and emphsises how important they are.
The Committee is taking steps to address the trespass by the dog walker in co-operation with the Crown Estate.

Let There Be Light

In advance of the Easter Monday Friendly a team of makeover specialists descended on the hut. Paul 'chainsaw' Chenery has thrown a little light on the subject by installing a sunny window with views over a tarpaulin, and Duncan 'sawtooth' Spring showed that he is a sharp cookie with a bit of impromptu worktop construction. Dont cook on the cooker please - its moved.

Paul Chainsaw Chenery illuminates the issues


Duncan says "I saw that"

JP's new grass skirt attracts unwelcome and inappropriate interest

Thanks Chaps

Special thanks to Alex Smith and John Holland for help putting out the 3Ds for the Easter Monday Friendly. Simon W, Dave W and Mike H appreciated the help. If you like the opportunity of shooting our 3D collection, maybe you will you show us we are on the right track by offering your help to put them away at closing time on Monday.

Thanks in advance!

Deer Oh Deer!

Important information for all of us to note. The Crown Estate's deer managers occasionally pay us a visit. They operate at dawn and are generally done and dusted by 7:00am. A warning sign is put up whenever they are present. If (I know, not likely) you are at the woods very early be aware, though they will probably be on their way out by 7:00am.

S#!? Happens - Marshals are important

In case you thought we just do it for fun, a look on the NFAS website thread relating to Cloth of Gold's inaugural shoot reveals that the shoot had to be stopped when an archer tripped, injuring his leg, and the shoot had to be stopped to get him to a safe place and thence to hospital. CofG handled it well. That sort of thing is why we need people to volunteer some time to marshal our shoots too. There are fewer now, and more of us to do it. No excuses!

Club Champs - Report and Results

Beautiful day in the woods today. A limited turn out (justifiable if you were looking after your mum on mother's day - if you decided to go to Cloth of Gold instead - shame on you) but those who made it were treated to a new look and sociable hut crammed to the rafters with a new style of catering - buffet and cakes courtesy of Mrs C. The blueberry cake has passed into legend. Mr Kipling can get stuffed. It was a reminder of what a good club champs should be - very sociable, no hold ups, all the 3D's out in their finery, some positive ideas for the future of the club, help putting out and putting back the 3Ds and participants taking litter and bin bags home with them. What about next year we have a 'cake off' at the club champs and award a trophy for the best cake as well as the best shot. Results list here.

Nick Cox 2/4/2011


Inside the hut - its simply massive now all the c#'p has been tidied out of it. There's a table in the middle, chairs upon which to take one's ease, you can just imagine the almond fancies and bone china. Enjoy! The official opening will be at the Club Champs. Obviously you'll have to take those muddy boots off now before you come in.

NC 2/4/2011

March Open - Shoot Report

Have a look here...

Roving Marks

Bit of gossip - two club members took the honours (First and Second places) at the Medieval Society's Roving Marks event at Nutley in Surrey on Sunday. In glorious sunshine Chris Bissell - amongst whose many talents he lists two flight world records - took the Goblet of Honour whilst your humble Secretary was honoured to sit in the great man's shadow in second place.

Nick Cox 28/3/11

AGM - News

Full report on the AGM will be released as soon as poss. In the meantime members might like the short version:

Turnout: Blimey! Did we accidentally say "Free Beer" on the AGM Notice? Most bodies we've ever seen at an AGM. Almost more attendees than seats. Next year we'll be selling tickets.

Membership: In the year to March 2011 the club reached its highest ever number of members - 155. Nice. Some say that was not unrealted to the fact that we changed the gate key for the first time in about six years. I of course do not subscribe to that view. However, we will expect to renew the gate key annually from now on to imprve security. Please try to introduce your friends to the club - the more new members we get, the better our finances and the more we spread the word.

Cabinet Reshuffle: Three of our longest serving committee members took the opportunity of a brief lull in the music to leap from their thrones of office into a well-earned rest from the joys of club admin.

Barry Newman who has wrangled the 3Ds to within an inch of their lives for a decade or more and done just about everything else in the gamut of club kit/facilities maintenance did not stand for re-election this time round. Thank's Barry. He says he'll still be around to help out and do some shooting relieved of the burdens of animal husbandry. Hope to see you around Barry, thanks from all of us. Barry's not insubstantial shoes have been filled by Simon Willard (second left in the pic below with the antlers coming out of his head). Welcome on board Simon - now show them rubber mooks who's boss.

Thanks also to Alan Wood who kindly offered to share the joys of organising the marshalling at events with Dave Winter. When he blows his whistle you dont just jump, you say: "How High?!"

Bob Dysart - he of the curious but interesting home-crafted bows and bits needs to spend a bit more time on the home front after serving as our publicity officer for - six years is it? Get the whittling widget out again Bob. Many thanks for all the time and effort you've put in over the years promoting the club and getting the news through come rain or shine or technical mishap. We are looking for a couple of people who can work together to share this job. I may be on the email to you anytime soon, or you could surrender now and volunteer.

Last and certaily not least Carol has also stepped down as club sec for a while to concentrate on work and home. Carol together with her Mum and Dad have been running the club since King Alfred applied to join as a cub (or so it is rumoured). Might be thirty odd years, no-one can quite remember. Anyway it seems rather inadequate to say thank you, but for the moment that is all we can do. But don't despair. She will still be offering tea and tips, biscuits, bows and blather at the workshop, coaching and signing off new members, telling people she's not the Membership Sec anymore and helping out on the catering. So don't go thinking you can all misbehave now.

I have had one offer to assist to run the membership admin, but we are looking to find someone who can take on the Membership Sec job for a spell (most of the work's been done for this year by Carol already). Volunteers please form an orderly queue.

Nick Cox 28/3/11

Thanks to those who helped prepare and run the 13th March Open Shoot

A much improved turnout for the work party on 12th March, allied to some impressive pre-prep by Mike Hobbs and Ron Armond in the week saw a group of 11 helping Mike Hobbs and John Pryke set out targets and 3Ds and risk assess the course: so on behalf of all the members and visitors on the day many thanks to Dennis Streeter, Chris Bissell, Brian Penfold and his 'barrow (!!), Brian Fairburn, Simon Willard (and his Land Rover (!!)), Ron and Rob (the new Ant & Dec? surely not), John Pettett and Dave Highfield and apprentice. This number of helpers is about right. We'll try to encourage some new faces along for future work parties, maybe even some more of Debbie D's cakes. There are always non-manual jobs to do such as painting pegs, making up targets, reparing 3D's, bin bag rambles - so if you're worried you're not up to carrying a life-size grizzly bear, that's no reason not to join the party.

Men, real men...

Tea drinkers. Real tea drinkers.......

Thanks also to Carol and Paul for catering for our temporal needs on the big day. We had plenty of volunteers for marshalling again ably directed by Dave Winter: thanks all, as you know No Marshals No shoot.

Reminder - Open shoot 13th March - Marshals and Jamie Olivers needed

We must properly marshal our opens or we cant hold them ,and properly cater or people will stop coming.

We have s system that means you can marshal and shoot (though we need a couple of non-shooters and ideally someone to organise parking). Please contact Dave Winter [here...] and let him know if you are coming. He is organising the Marshalling this time and could use some willing bodies (and you get to shoot for free - hurrah!)

We are looking to organise the catering a bit better to ease the burden on Carol/Paul Chehery and look after your digestive health (joke). Any of you ladies got a husband who can bake a cake or make a chilli? Thought not - could you do it then? Please call Paul Chenery if you can help [here...]

Nick Cox 8/3/11

Reminder: Work Party 12th March

Thanks to Brian Fairburn and Debbie Downer for help last week. That's right, I have listed in full the number of helpers who turned up on 5th to move the lower half of the course. Not many is it. Can we do better this Saturday morning please. Contact Mike Hobbs or John Pryke to say you are coming so we have an idea of numbers - contacts are here.

10:00am start time. As before Mike will be at the hut to direct operations for about 20 minutes or so. Otherwise check out the whiteboard.

Main tasks for 12th May:

Lay out the target butts and pegs for the new course on the course on the upper (hut) half of the woods

(i) Place butts at the sites marked with a white pole and hazard tape.

(ii) Place pegs at the locations marked with plain white markers.

(iii) locate waymarkers as appropriate.

(iv) Place pegs on the lower half of the course

(v) Walk the top and bottom half with bin bags to clear up rubbish/debris

(vi) Fill up and return water containers to the hut for use in the urn on Sunday

Good things to bring if you have any of them them: Mallet/work gloves/knife/secateurs/handsaw/bin bags/permanent marker pen/stapler/wheelbarrow.

We have some new target butt material coming in the next couple of weeks so will need some help to make up the butts - want to learn the dark art? More info soon....

Reminder : AGM 22 March Proposals in by 8th March

Crap Club? Badly run? Lots to moan about? Wouldnt be like this if it was up to me? What's to be done? Send in any proposals you have to improve the club by 8th March to John Pryke or Nick Cox. Contacts are here. Then come along to the AGM at Oxshott Vilage Hall on the evening of 22nd March.

Nick Cox 3/3/11

WORK PARTIES : Saturday 5th and Saturday 12th March for the 13th March Open.

Please pitch up for 10:00am start time. Mike will be at the hut to direct operations for about 20 minutes or so. Otherwise check out the whiteboard.

Main task on 5th March is to lay out the target butts and pegs for the new course on the course on the stream side of the woods. we need to (i) collect up the butts, pegs and waymarkers from the far side of the stream (ii) starting at new No 1 target (to the right of the loos opposite current no 1) place butts at the sites marked with a white pole and hazard tape. Place pegs at the locations marked with plain white markers. No 9 near the Pylons is a long shot and needs a large butt (e.g. Zebra size), waymark as appropriate.

On 12th we will need to replace the top half which will by then be marked out, and lay out the 3Ds.

Let Mike Hobbs or John Pryke know you are coming so we have an idea of numbers - contacts are here.

Good things to bring if you have any of them them: Mallet/work gloves/knife/secateurs/handsaw/bin bags/permanent marker pen/stapler/wheelbarrow.

Why not save the cost of gym membership and come and help at a work party - you get a good work out in the fresh air, its sociable and you feel you've put something back. 

Nick Cox 3/3/11

3-Clubs Challenge

Excellent turnout for this event - 56 archers in total from all three clubs. A good time was had by all on a day which started (at least) in fine weather and bluish skies. Possibly the best time was had by Havering NALGO who, with a team self-evidently packed wth ringers, edged to a narrow victory with an average score of 370. Cloth of Gold, now with some woods to practice in came a close second with an average of 360. The good news for Co60 is (i) we came third (avg 345) (ii) in the Olympics this would have earned a medal (iii) we don't need to spend limited club funds on a new trophy cabinet. How good is that! Thanks to Paul Chenery who sorted out the catering at the last minute so we and our visitors could all have a bacon sarnie and a cup of char. Jamie Oliver eat your heart out (fry it an place it between 2 bits of bread - £1).

Nick Cox 3/3/11

3 Clubs Work Party

Thanks to the three helpers who turned out help Mike, Barry and John lay 40 faces/3Ds for the 3 Clubs Day. Brian Penfold (who drove up from Kent), Richard Stafford and Simon Willard. This is only 2% of the Membership.Last work party we had twenty-five willing hands! I hope we can do better for the March Open

Nick Cox 24/2/11

3 Clubs Challenge and Work Party

Three Clubs Challenge Shoot on THIS SUNDAY 27th February. Arrive from 9:00 am. Shooting from 10:00am. This is a longstanding challenge between Co60, Cloth of Gold (who have just managed to secure themselves some new woods after a frustrating wait) and Havering NALGO. Its a great way to meet archers from other clubs. All standards please turn up to make it a fun event and put on a good show for our visitors.

Nick Cox 25/2/2011

Membership Renewal

It's that time again! Cheaper per day than a bag of chips and better for you. Co60 needs to maintain its members to stay healthy and keep you all happy and well supplied with facilities and kit. Please dont forget to send in a completed form for each member (even individual family members) as well as a cheque. If you would like Carol to do your NFAS application too, you will need to send her a SEPARATE NFAS renewal form and cheque made of to the NFAS

February 2011 Newsletter

Please read the February Newsletter. It seems some of you may have been sent Carol's first draft by mistake. The full inspring and rivetting edition that should have gone out to all is here.

New 3Ds

The club has five new 3Ds in the bag to replace those stolen last year, and a further 4 on order. We have been saving hard to buy these so come down and see if you can spot them in the woods at the next shoot.

December 2010: Fantastic turnout for Ron Pavitt Memorial Open at Co60

While lesser men sat inside with a hot chocolate and a comfy pair of slippers, well over 100 visitors and another 30 or so members, extreme archers all, braved the wintry conditions of South West London to face the challenge of another 34 testing, teasing treats from Carol's textbook of fiendish shots. Congrats on just making it to join us.  Double congrats to the winners. Full shoot report and scores to follow soon. Thank you Carol and her team of helpers for such a good shoot.

Nick Cox 5/12/10

December 2010: Dont Forget - Sunday 5th Ron Pavitt Memorial Open Shoot

Open shoot this Sunday. Registration from 9am, shooting starts at 10am. Visitors pre-book and pre-pay. Members pay on the day, but please call Linda in advance if you want to be sure to shoot with friends.

Nick Cox 30/11/10

November 2010: new and exciting

Your committee is plotting (with the help of some talented members) to give us all a much improved shooting experience at the club next year. There are plans afoot for some exciting and unique artist-designed and hand-painted faces/cut-outs next year as well as new 3Ds to replace those that were stolen from the woods this time last year. New signage is on its way, and we will be trying out some new target constructions (in the butts area initially). All this takes time and most of us have to work full-time as well, so be patient but there is lots of good stuff to look forward to. It also costs money, so encourage your mates to come join us on a temporary membership at a friendly, or take the plunge and join the club with you.

Nick Cox 29/11/2010

November 2010: Thank you!

A fantastic turnout for the work-party on Saturday 27th November to help Carol to lay a new course for the Ron Pavitt Open Shoot on Sunday 5th December (Registration from 9am - shooting from 10am). About 20 hardy souls turned out on what was the coldest day of the year so far after a (late - sorry!) round robin plea for help. As a result by 2pm everyone was nice and warm, feeling smug for having done their bit and the course was finished. The new noticeboard was put to good use by Carol so that early arrivals had instructions for jobs to be getting on with. We hope that this will be a model for better organised work-parties in the future. It is actually a very sociable experience and just good fun to be out in the woods doing stuff - we hope more members will be tempted to give it a go.

Nick Cox 29/11/10

November 2010: Container has Arrived!

"The Eagle has landed". The long-awaited new real estate is now resplendent in its location opposite the hut. In due course we will be able to clear the hut of most of the target debris and tools etc which are cluttering it up and return it to its originally intended use - somewhere dry to have a cup of tea and a chat. Next up will be to sort out the Practice Butts area which is looking very sad at the moment.

November 2010

There is a great review of one of the UK's only real archery golf events [here...]in the latest edition of Archers Review magazine on the fabulous Archers Review website. The event is run for the benefit of the James Whale Fund for Kidney Cancer. A couple of the club's members went there for a day out and had a blast - see our own little report below. If its on again next year (oh please) you'd be mad not to take this incredibly rare opportunity to shoot arrows on a real (decent) golf course. Its a blast and it takes not much more than an hour and a half on the motorway to South Wales.

Nick Cox 12/11/10

November 2010

Please be aware that course planning and laying for the December 5th Open Shoot will be taking place during this month. Take extra care when shooting and look out for notices that the woods or part of them may be closed for shooting. A number of people have been asking to book in for a venison shoot this weekend - there isn't one, what are you all thinking??!.

Nick Cox 11/11/10

November 2010: Wardens now patrolling the woods

Please note that the Crown Estate and Company of Sixty have jointly authorised up to four individuals to check that people in the woods are there lawfully. Wardens will be present at random times. Each Warden will carry a laminated card which shows the Crown Estate and Company of Sixty Logos. If you are approached by a Warden please be polite and co-operate with him/her and be ready to show your CO60 membership card or temporary membership slip. If you cannot demonstrate that you are a current member/have complied with the temporary membership scheme the Warden may ask you to leave the woods.

Nick Cox 11/11/10

November 2010: New System for target face repair/replacement

There is a new white board aon the outside of the hut and a washable marker pen. Here's how the new system works, if you use it you will always have good faces to shoot at, every time.

Go round and shoot some arrows. If you find a shot out face, when you get back to the hut make a note on the board - e.g: "Face 16 needs replacing" and mark S, M or L size. Next archer that comes along, have a look at the board. If it says a target is shot out, take a suitable sized replacement with you when you set out and replace the face when you get to that target. Bring the old face back too if you can. When you get back to the hut, rub out the message about the face you've just changed, adding any new ones that you spot need to be replaced. Simples! Do your bit and none of us should have to shoot at shot out target faces.

November 2010: Container coming soon

The club has finally secured a container for storage of target materials etc with our Landlord's consent. Ground prep is under way opposite the hut and the beast itself should arrive before the end of the month. Hopefully it means we can clear the hut of some of the junk that has accumulated there and start using it again as it was first intended - somewhere to have a sit down and a chat. Can you help with any wood (e.g. unwanted pallets) and carpentry skills to help us put some racks inside to make the storage efficient? Contact one of us on the committee if you can help here.

Nick Cox 30 Oct 2010

October 2010: EDF gives the woods a haircut

The contractors acting for the company that maintains the electricity pylons that pass over parts of the woods have paid us a visit. They have cleared a 15m wide access path under the pylons. Bit of a shock but (a) its difficult to remember what used to be there before and (b) there's now scope on the next course for a nice long range shot at something big! We've got a plan to sow some wild-flower seeds along there so we have a wildflower meadow to enjoy next summer. Anyone got any better ideas, let someone on the committee know - we're all ears.

Nick Cox

September 2010 : Company of Sixty members Play "Archery Golf"

On Sun 19th September Co60 was handsomely (!) represented by four members at one of those much talked about but rarely seen Archery Golf events.

The afternoon event took place at the Grove Golf CLub, Portcawl and was organised by and on behalf of James Whale's Kidney Cancer charity.

James Whale, is a broadcaster, avid archer and supporter of all things archery related. It was his idea to hold an archery golf tournament in Porthcawl - his family originates there - to raise awareness of the Fund.

James competed in the tournament along with other membvers of Co60 who enjoyed a painless 2 1/2 hour trip down the M4 to the Principality: mindful of the Club's debt of gratitude to HRH the Prince of Wales , it seemed the least we could do.

We were blessed with windy but mild weather for this event which was well-supported by archers from clubs in Wales and the South of England. The format for this, the inaugural event, was something in the nature of a roving marks shoot along the neatly manicured fairways of the beautiful Grove golf club towards flags just alongside the greens. Arrows were shot at elevated angles from on or near to tees (the ladies' tees usually, don't tell the French) for distances from 100 to approaching 200 yards. All but two of the archers were shooting longbows (James Whale opted for his Boyton hunting bow, and there was a dash of spice with a Hungarian hosebow) and one could not but feel like the vanguard of an invading mediaeval army as astonished golfers anxiously hooked their drives as we breasted the hill top. Marks were awarded, 9, 7 and 3, for proximity to the flag measured by an 18 ft long ribbon which was stretched and rotated arond the flag at the end of each 'hole'.

The beautiful Welsh Slate engraved trophy and a Richard Head Presentation Arrow was won by one of the local archers with a score of 77 out of a possible 162. Company of Sixty achieved second place with a feisty 74. The day was played out in excellent spirits and there was a warm welcome from local archers and the Grove Golf club alike.

The Grove Golf Club Porthcawl deserves credit for having the imagination to support this event a was a very welcoming and attractive venue.

It is hoped that the event will become an annual fixture. There are plans for an archer/golfer head-to-head next year, and possibly flying targets too.

If its on next year, you want to give it go.

Nick Cox


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