About the Company of 60


Company of Sixty was founded in 1973 by a group of pioneering traditional archers whose goal was to establish a club to promote the practice and competition of of field archery, and to promote the preservation and protection of the woodland and wildlife where it is practiced. The Club derives its name from its original location in the 'sixty acre wood' behind Chessington Zoo in Surrey.

In 1988 that land was placed into trust and the club was obliged to relocate.

tempThe search for new a new home proved difficult. In desperation in 1988 Carol Pearce (Edwards) and her father Jim wrote to HRH Prince Charles, who had been involved with the raising of the Mary Rose, whose wreck was found to contain a treasure trove of historical archery equipment and artefacts, including medieval longbows and arrows perfectly preserved in the silt of the Solent. They told the Prince about the Club's preservation of the practice and heritage of the English Longbow and asked for help.

Much to the amazement of the club, HRH Prince Charles sent instructions to the Crown Estate office in Windsor to give the club the use of 100 acres of woodland, which we have enjoyed ever since, 365 days a year in Oxshott, Surrey.

tempFor this reason the heart of our club remains the practice of traditional wooden and longbow archery, although we now welcome field archers using any equipment.

All NFAS Classes are shot and the club runs four open shoots a year and a number of informal events for members and visitors throughout the year.

Company of Sixty is a friendly club which welcomes archers of all abilities.


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